New Pecos mural created by veteran to honor fellow veterans

New Pecos mural created by veteran to honor fellow veterans

A new mural in Pecos was designed by a veteran to honor fellow veterans.

Joseph Ortiz, a Pecos resident described as a dedicated city employee, was selected by the city and Veterans Association to paint a mural downtown representing the U.S. military, according to Newswest9. He told the news station his son’s service in the Marine Corps helped inspire the design.

“I’ve had a lot of encouragement from people passing by here, honking at me giving me thumbs and I said ‘I know I’m doing the right thing,'” Ortiz added.

The community loves the new mural. The Town of Pecos City commended Keep Pecos Beautiful for its support and funding to bring the “breathtaking” art to its downtown.

“His fantastic work will surely transform our town,” city officials said.

The mural was painted on a building owned by the family of recently deceased veteran, Weldon Brookshire, who chose the design, according to the Permian Basin Honor Flight, a powerful organization that gifts veterans of WWII and the wars in Korea and Vietnam with all-inclusive three-day trips to Washington D.C. Brookshire, who served in the Air Force during the Korean War as part of the 509th Bomb Wing and also served in the Pecos Volunteer Fire Department for 42 years, was treated to an Honor Flight in 2017.

“What an honor for both [Ortiz and Brookshire] and all our Veterans,” the PBHF said regarding the mural.

Ortiz offered three words in response to all of the positive attention his mural received.

“It’s my honor,” he said.

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